Wartime Values Will Save Us!

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 118 months ago
Wartime Values Will Save Us!

Image by Wolfiewolf
A survey by the Energy Saving Council has revealed that seven out of ten Londoners think a return to "wartime values" would help us cut down on waste. Of 1,570 adults from across the nation, more than half questioned would consider a return to rationing, shared bathwater and "personal daily allowances", while 92% of those who lived through the War believe modern Britain is more wasteful. While reducing waste is important, there's really no excuse for such austerity chic: we suggest a read through David Kynaston's sobering Austerity Britain: 1945-51 — which recalls a time of poverty, political apathy, malnourishment and a total lack of community spirit — before people start taking the ration book out of the attic.

Last Updated 02 April 2009