The Phantom Menace: Phantom Of The Opera Sequel Announced

By Hazel Last edited 119 months ago
The Phantom Menace: Phantom Of The Opera Sequel Announced

Image by Lady Vervaine from the Londonist Flickr pool
So, while London burns, Andrew Lloyd Webber continues to fiddle with his musicals, and we learn that his sequel to The Phantom of the Opera will come to hideous, disfigured life in October or November this year. Lucky us, to have the soothing balm of Love Never Dies opening in our G20 ravaged city, the first city in Sir Andrew's ambitious string of international openings (Toronto, New York then Shanghai will follow).

The West End's Adelphi theatre will be the place to go if you have ever lost sleep wondering what happened to the Phantom at the end of the original masked musical: he ran away to the fair, apparently. That miserable, sewer-dwelling, fairground organ-bashing, cape-wearing camp crusader will be reunited with his drippy, dreary amateur chanteuse Christine in a fairground on Coney Island, accompanied by a 26 piece orchestra and stage effects.

It's more than we could hope for, for these bleak economic times. If there's a chandelier that actually crushes the unfortunate attendees in the stalls rather than swooping away at the last minute, or some new variation on the stunt involving a malevolent ferris wheel that can roll everyone out of the auditorium to safety before the man with the half-mask starts another anguished bit of cod-opera, then even better. Oh, Sir Andrew, how do you do it? But more importantly, why? Why? WHY?

Last Updated 01 April 2009