Review: Ron Arad @ Timothy Taylor

Dean Nicholas
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Review: Ron Arad @ Timothy Taylor

2704_arad.jpg Ron Arad's first show since the Piccadilly-based gallery, Timothy Taylor, announced they were his UK representation, brings together nine new pieces that fill the ample space without overly crowding it. The most eye-catching is his shelving unit (pictured right), playfully titled Oh, the farmer & the cowman should be friends. Though displayed without the suggestive literacy symbolism of the press image, the unit, made of corten and mirror-polished stainless steel, dominates the room and is just the sort of thing that might look good in your penthouse now that it's socially acceptable to be an Americaphile again.

Arad's playfulnes is further displayed in the gallery's Bodyguard collection — a series of figures made from inflated aerospace aluminium (the Israeli sure likes his materials obscure), morphed into various grafity-defying positions. Some, labelled "drunk bodyguards", are riddled with what could be taken for bulletholes.

The most beautiful objects in the show see Arad return to his traditional forte of furniture design. The Thumbprint chair, made from multiple bronze rods, has a delicious form whose comfort would, at a guess, be something of a compromise, while the Rod Gomli looks like a chaise longue that the T-1000 might be comfortable reclining in. A brief but intriguing show, and one that offers a taster for the forthcoming Arad retrospective that the Barbican will show early next year.

On Wednesday April 29th, the designer will be speaking at the gallery, in conversation with Anthony Gormley. Call 020 7409 3344 for more details.

Ron Arad at Timothy Taylor Gallery, 15 Carlos Place, W1K 2EX. The show runs until 9th May. Entry is free.

Last Updated 27 April 2009