Pea-Souper Disrupts Obama's Departure

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 117 months ago
Pea-Souper Disrupts Obama's Departure

by Simon-K
Despite the best laid plans of his G-men, President Obama's escape from London this morning was soured by a spot of inclement weather. The POTUS and his entourage planned to fly by helicopter to his Air Force One jet at Stansted, but a good ol' fashioned pea-souper like in the olden days meant they had to go by car instead. Just think, had the weather been late-January bad, we might have got to keep him for a little longer and he could have continued that crowd-pleasing tag team with Gordon Brown. Reports that a dour-faced Scot was spotted outside Downing Street in the wee hours wielding a fog machine are unconfirmed.

Last Updated 03 April 2009