One Londoner Slightly Unwell

By BethPH Last edited 183 months ago

Last Updated 30 April 2009

One Londoner Slightly Unwell

As British victims of the swine flu epidemic soared into single figures, media panic reached a new level of hysteria with one Londoner being reported as being suffering from ‘mild flu-like symptoms’.

After the rather startling news that 2095 Londoners die every year from dirty air this could be described as a tad underwhelming, though this hasn’t stopped people donning masks in an attempt to avert coughs and sneezes.

Perhaps TfL should issue them on the Tube in light of a survey which showed that one sneeze could infect 150 people (or 275 on the Central Line in rush hour?). Though we think you’re more likely to get ill from holding the handrail or that suspect kebab after a night out.

As if all this panic wasn’t enough, an ad campaign has been launched to teach us how to sneeze properly. Pass the tissues.