New York Times Hearts Deptford

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 173 months ago
New York Times Hearts Deptford

Image by Manuel.A.69
Not convinced by the Guardian-endorsed "cool" Dalston? A foreign broadsheet has swung it's mighty stamp of approval on another London burg: Deptford. In a piece for its Travel section, the New York Times made the surprising claim that the south-east London spot, and nearby New Cross, are "hip".

As supporting evidence, they highlight boozer-turned-boho pub the Amersham Arms, converted train-carriage cafe the Deptford Project, and hipster hole the Royal Albert as choice locations for the skinny-jean crowd in what they describe, geographical considerations be damned, as "London's Wild West". Just for good measure, they bung in A.J. Goddard on the high street, a stalwart pie 'n mash shop, as a "must-see".

The Telegraph packed off a journo off down SE8 for local reaction, which can mostly be described as 'bemused'. Said one local barmaid, undoing years of tourism office crack-papering: "All I can say is I hope they like hoodies, muggers and junkies". Even a local councillor tempered her enthusiasm by calling the piece "a bit bizarre". Before they book their flights, American cool-hunters might first want to catch a few episodes of the excellent BBC2 documentary The Tower, which captures the schizophrenic nature of modern Deptford as gentrification begins to wash up on its shores.

Last Updated 28 April 2009