Listen Up: Rochelle

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Listen Up: Rochelle


When London band Rochelle released their first single 'Fer De Lance' on Kitsune Records last year they were exactly the type of band you could imagine getting remixed and being played by bloggy people at little dance nights in East London. It was glitchy goodness, with a touch of the overstyling, but didn't have that big hook that might interest anyone out of E2. Now they're back for 2009 and pushed the pop fader up a little bit, resulting in the much more accessible 'Chin Up'.

First things first though, Rochelle are a band - not some shiny electro diva. Lydia is the name of the Amy Winehouse look-a-like and she's managed to rock a key-tar in their Klaxons-y video months before Little Boots is allowed to waggle hers about in public. We caught up with them for a quick chat

Hello Rochelle. Who are you and what are you upto?

We are Lydia, James and Thom; and we're currently spicing up our live set for a show in London this week.

Why the name if none are you are called Rochelle?

It's a long story... It's got something to do with La Rochelle in France, fortune tellers, and the unknown...

Whereabouts in London are you based? What's brilliant and what's totally horrible about it?

South east London. It's brilliant to be in our own little creative bronx, but it's kinda like being on the set of Eastenders... without the joy of the Queen Vic.

Where are you from originally, what does London do better?

Lydia - I'm from Leeds. London gives you better opportunities all round. For me, it's great to be close to other creatives and to get involved in the scene.

James - I'm originally from Exeter. London does everything better...

What London location has been the most significant in the lifetime of Rochelle?

Fabric has always been a hub that we've gone back to, whether it's to have a night out, or to meet people, or even just to get inspired. It's somewhere you can go to always hear fresh music, and a good place if you can't sleep!

What do you reckon you sound like?

We've been described as the sound of Daft Punk and Kylie havin it off, which we think is pretty close to the truth.

What's the next step for you?

We have a new single coming out on 13th April through Planet Clique, called 'Chin Up'. We've got some heavy remixes from Andy George and A1 Bassline, a new shiny video, and a decent run of live dates around the release. So we're pretty hyped about that at the mo. Looking forward to the next single too.

Give us your most awesome reason for why we should check you out rather than every other new band out here?

We make music for everyone, not just a niche. Being accessible and enjoying the music that we make, and creating an intense dynamic onstage makes us stand out.

What's your favourite London venue and why?

Koko in Camden; when the stage is as massive as the audience, it's only a pleasure to play! The sound system is ridiculous (good!), and to top it all off it hosts a f*cking huge glitter ball!!!

What about somewhere a bit more grubby - have you ever busked?

I'm prone to busking - spontaneously on a night out, not professionally, but maybe we should?

What's your favourite clubnight in town?

Fabriclive is always crazy - we've seen some great bands/DJs there. Bangers & Mash at Proud is always a laugh - easy to get drunk and jump on the pole.

What other new London bands / artists should we be checking out?

Perfect People. A1 Bassline getting around now, but anyone who hasn't heard his stuff should definitely et involved. He's a genius.

And finally what's your London secret?

The King's Head pub off Marylebone High Street. It's a traditional cockney boozer, host to some memorable evenings.

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