G20 Protests: Still Fighting At Bank

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G20 Protests: Still Fighting At Bank

Image by Chris Coltrane
There's not been a great deal of change at Bank. That branch of RBS had its windows smashed (the BBC's got a photo of someone doing the smashing, surrounded, or egged on, by photographers) and word is, a small group of protesters went in, started a small fire and smashed up or nicked computer equipment before being forced out by riot police. That's really classy.

Police cordons are still in place although some protesters got out (it's not clear whether they were allowed out or broke through the lines) at Queen Victoria Street. There's now another confrontation on the same street as riot police attempt to push the crowds back, so it probably wasn't a controlled release, then.

Flashpoints are appearing all over the Bank area with injuries to police and protesters, but in the centre of the main kettle there's music and dancing (Rage Against the Machine was heard earlier!). A major bonus is a portaloo on Lombard Street so at least people can now pee.

Climate Camp on Bishopsgate sounds like the nicest place to be today - and the most impressive. They've already set up kitchens and compost toilets, with theatre performances keeping people entertained. Police are allowing people in and out. It might be a nice thing to visit in all this sunshine.

The Stop the War march has reached Trafalgar Square and their rally has started. And any time now the Alternative Summit should be starting, assuming they can get into the University of East London.

Last Updated 01 April 2009