G20 Protests Start

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 119 months ago
G20 Protests Start

The Silver Horse against financial crimes at London Bridge / image author's own
Accompanied by a brass band, the Silver Horse against financial crimes left London Bridge about 11.15am heading for the Bank of England. Apparently the Moorgate march also left without incident but according to Twitpic, police are blockading the Cannon Street and Liverpool Street protests.

The mood at London Bridge was almost bored, with protestors, bystanders and press milling around (we spotted Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News and one of the blokes from BBC London). It was almost impossible to say how many of the, hmm, maybe 1,000 strong crowd were going to follow the march, but the Telegraph tweets it's about 500. There's plenty of banners, people dressed up and mobile stereos as well as the jazz band. Should be fun now it's on the road.

Other stuff that's going on :the Critical Mass bike ride seems to have passed off without incident, and the people who parked this armoured car on Bishopsgate are being questioned by police.

So - what's happening where you are? Did you bother coming into the office? Did any of your colleagues? Comments below and photos to the Flickrpool!

Last Updated 01 April 2009