Flu Epidemic Hits Tower Hamlets...In Simulation

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Flu Epidemic Hits Tower Hamlets...In Simulation


The Centre of the Cell, based in Whitechapel, have a timely and educational game that simulates a flu outbreak in Tower Hamlets. You play the role of Health Minister and are asked to make the difficult decisions as cases of the flu increase. Should you outlaw public gatherings? Force the closure of schools? Ban kissing? It's not easy managing the greatest threat to human health in 40 years. The site offers a good primer for those not already availed of the risks. Indeed, the Centre of the Cell has a whole suite of enticing games and videos about health and medicine. We look forward to the opening of the real-world space in autumn this year - assuming swine flu hasn't shut down all public venues by then.

Last Updated 30 April 2009


Great fun. I started off by killing all of the birds in London, cancelled the Olympics, then ruined the economy by forcing the entire country to stay at home.

Having demonstrated such excellent judgement and foresight, I expect to be offered a ministerial position soon.

diamond geezer

A virulent flu epidemic with its epicentre in Tower Hamlets?

What are the chances...?

Sherlock Do

what was your lowest score?

Sherlock Do

I need help i need to break this record for people's death,7240