First Look Inside Revamped London Bridge Station

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First Look Inside Revamped London Bridge Station


The ever-brilliant Brockley Central blog pointed us in the direction of some new eye candy showing the Shard and London Bridge development. The image above, looking out towards the bus stands, depicts how the concourse of the mainline station will appear in just two years time. It's a light, airy touch, reminiscent of the newer section of St Pancras. Although it's not going to win any distinctive-building-of-the-year awards, it's appearance is a major improvement on existing facilities and will fit in well with the acres of towering glass soon to bedeck this part of town.

The image comes from the official Shard website, where you can find gorgeous pics of the Shard development, including a new fly-around movie. Be warned, though. Architects always over-egg their web sites (except Richard Rogers, who swings in the opposite direction), be prepared to slog through annoying flash interfaces and computer-crashing PDFs.

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I don't have much occasion to use the London Bridge mainline station, but my last few visits have impressed upon me what an appalling shit-hole it is. So any improvement is a Good Thing.


It's my main work / home station and has just been getting worse and worse, mainly due to the redevelopment, to be honest (lots of shops closing on the main concourse, not sure why shops in the used-to-be-brilliant Arches are vanishing). Am also rather hoping the roof has less places for pigeons to perch cos I'm fed up of being pooped on. (Sorry, Brian.)


Well it's lovely to see that the gaping big hole does actually have a purpose in life...


Looks nice, just hope it works well once built. Wonder how much of the current station will exist in the new design (Tradition etc. - clock at St. Pancras...).


I presume Shunt and all the lovely shops under the arches will be turfed out?