Eurostaffers In Fingerprint Row

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 115 months ago
Eurostaffers In Fingerprint Row

Image by tezzer57
Cleaners who scrub Eurostar trains at St Pancras are considering industrial action over plans by Carlisle Cleaning Services to introduce a fingerprint-checking machine for clocking in and out. The RMT claim that staff data may be put at risk, and Bob Crow, ever ready to lend a hand to a worthy cause, put his considerable heft behind the workers and blasted "surveillance society" Britain. A ballot will be held from April 21st, and a strike could be organised for next month. Given that they're working on the Eurostar, you think the staff could learn from their Gallic neighbours a thing or two about striking - feck the ballot, just blockade the Channel Tunnel and you're bound to get the message across.

Last Updated 16 April 2009