Council House Left Empty Due To Lack Of Sprogs

Dean Nicholas
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Council House Left Empty Due To Lack Of Sprogs

0404_house.jpg Madge isn't the only one peeved about not having enough children: Chelsea residents are irked about the local council's decision to turf a family out of a £1.2 million council house because they didn't have enough offspring. Jamie Pascall, a tenant in the Billing Street address since his teens, had been living in the house with his partner and their 10-year old girl; however, under Kensington & Chelsea council's strict guidelines, the four-bedroom property is meant for a more ample family, so the three were packed off to another flat in Shepherd's Bush. Since then, the pastel-coloured des-res has been boarded up to prevent squatters moving in. (Image / buckaroo kid)

Last Updated 04 April 2009


Seems fine to me - you don't inherit council housing.

Quite why there is such thing as a 1.2 million pound council house is another mystery.


It's not particularly nice to be ejected from your house, but there is a massive shortage of council housing stock in London, particularly 'family size' accommodation.

Given that you have overcrowded council households where families with two or three kids live in a two bed flat, I'd rather that the family living in this home are moved to another more suitably-sized home, to free up the house.

I suspect the reason for the Chelsea outrage is not that they've lost a valued member of the community, but that they have a boarded up house on their street, affecting their property prices...