Camden Bus Lane Confusion Bewilders Bikers

By BethPH Last edited 109 months ago
Camden Bus Lane Confusion Bewilders Bikers

bus lane.jpg It seems not all bus lanes are created equal as Camden Council bans bikers from using them, despite approval from Westminster and TfL. The pilot scheme, intended to reduce collisions and improve road safety has left bikers paying more attention to road signage than the road itself in an attempt to avoid the inevitable fine. TfL have helpfully provided a map of which bus lanes bikers are allowed to use. Cyclists are less pleased at mixing it up in the bus lane and think it puts people off cycling but Boris believes there’s enough road for everyone. Photo by allyzally

Last Updated 23 April 2009


One observation, why are motorbike exausts so angled that they blow up into the face of the cyclist behind? pretty nasty...