Barter For Beer @ The Marksman

By BethPH Last edited 119 months ago
Barter For Beer @ The Marksman

Got a talent you can offer in exchange for a pint? If so, The Marksman pub in Shoreditch is the place to be on Tuesday night.

If you can tune a piano, own a set of drill bits or pruning shears, your luck could be in as these are just a few of the items landlady Dawn Kolpin is willing to exchange beer for. Check out The Landlady's Fancy wish-list on classifieds website craigslist to find out what you can offer up.

Fancy some food to soak up the beer? The pub is also offering free starters as part of their bartering extravaganza to show talented Londoners that the credit crunch doesn’t have to mean staying in.

In these cash-strapped times, bartering is becoming popular again - a Norfolk pub offered beer in exchange for locally-produced food. We’re not sure a loud parrot for a Vespa is a good exchange though.

The Barter for Beer event is being held on Tuesday 22 April between 7 and 9pm, so get your haggling head on and pop in, but be warned - you may have to get creative with your bargaining!

Last Updated 21 April 2009