7/7: Now Can We Have An Inquiry, Please?

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 176 months ago
7/7: Now Can We Have An Inquiry, Please?

As we told you yesterday, the three men on trial - for the second time - for aiding the 7 July London bombers have been acquitted (though two are starting seven year jail sentences for planning to attend a terrorist training camp). This now marks the end of years of investigation and detective work and it looks like nobody will ever be brought to justice for the attacks.

Of course, the four men who detonated bombs on London's transport network that day are beyond the reach of the law. But that doesn't mean victims and their families can't have a thorough and independent inquiry to get as near as possible to the truth of how the bombers slipped through the security services' net, despite at least Mohammed Siddique Khan being on their radar. The Intelligence and Security Committee have already produced one report that concluded nobody was to blame for the missed opportunities and a second report is due out within weeks - even though it's been ready for months, waiting for the end of the trial.

The original ISC report was criticised for being incomplete and there's some doubt the second will be any better. Rachel from North London makes the case for an independent public inquiry into what was known, when, and to create recommendations that could save lives in the future. We await the second ISC report with interest, hoping it doesn't get swept under the carpet once the acquittal fuss has died down, to see if it offers any answers at all.

Last Updated 29 April 2009