The Oxford-Cambridge GOAT Race

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The Oxford-Cambridge GOAT Race


Yes, Goat Race. Forget the splashing, guffawing toffs of the river race this weekend and head down to Spitalfields City Farm for the first annual goat race. On Sunday afternoon, you can watch "two real goats setting the track alight with performances reminiscent of Usain Bolt with horns". A bookie will be on hand to take your bets, and all proceeds will go towards running the farm. Doors open at 2.30 (£3), with music from Pigsnoots and a goatee-knitting competition. The caprine capers proper begin at 3.30 when the main race takes place. A cornucopia of additional activities include facepainting, 'goat pogo and hula', and the intriguing ‘goats in coats in boats which float in moats’. Join the organisers in the pub afterwards for a free cocktail. No butts. Just go.

Last Updated 25 March 2009


In nearly 5 months of being abroad, this is the first London event that I am genuinely devastated to be missing.


Heya. Ant here, one of the organisers. Thanks for featuring us! The "goats in coats in boats which float in moats" game is now the "Remote Goats in Coats in Boats which Float in Moats" game, thanks to the addition of some technology.

Also here is a picture of Barney, who will be racing on the day.


Will the Remote Goats in Coats in Boats which Float in Moats be stuffing their throats with oats?