So What Is The Queen's Twitter Name?

By M@ Last edited 120 months ago
So What Is The Queen's Twitter Name?


The Telegraph reckons that our Head of State will make her Twitter debut today - or, as they put it, her updates 'will appear live on the blogging website Twitter'. You'll be able to follow her every move at the Commonwealth Observance ceremony, which today celebrates 60 years of our phantom empire.

Sadly, the Telegraph omits the one crucial detail: the fricking twitter address. Cheers Mandrake, if that is your real name. The Guardian suggests simply:, but we're not sure. The image is low-resolution and looks like a drag impersonator, while the account only has 231 followers. In any case, the august tweets will come from a press officer, rather than E-lizabeth herself, so are unlikely to be of much interest. We're holding out for Prince Philip to Tourette his way into the Twitterverse.

Last Updated 09 March 2009