Review: The Oxford-Cambridge GOAT Race

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Review: The Oxford-Cambridge GOAT Race

Image by Ben Mason

It’s not every day you get to hang out with the East End’s finest, and cheer goats in coats against a Gherkin backdrop. No, not every day at all. But that’s exactly what Londonist was doing on Sunday at the inaugural Oxford vs. Cambridge Goat Race at Spitalfields City Farm.

There must have been something quite intoxicating about the whole thing because we found ourselves scrambling with all the other grown-ups for a sight of these crazy creatures sprinting down their cobbled runway. And let us assure you, goats can move!

We caught up with Simeon, one of the event’s organisers and asked him about where the idea came from.

About a month ago we (Anne, Anthony and Simeon of Magic(ish) were just sat around in a flat talking about how much we really don’t like the Boat Race but how much we do like rhyming. So we decided to set up the Goat Race. The idea took us about 10 seconds to come up with, and 4 weeks to make.

What were the results? we hear you ask. Well, Oxford may have on the Boat Race, but Cambridge was the winning goat, finishing in just 52 seconds has set the standard for years to come. Phenomenal.

And as if the fun of it all isn’t enough, the day raised £753 for the farm too - bravo, bravo those goats.

By Lea Simpson

Last Updated 31 March 2009