Review: Invasion! At Soho Theatre

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Review: Invasion! At Soho Theatre

The most stunning thing in Invasion!, Jonas Hassen Khemiri's play is the way each scene employs a radically different vernacular - be it the language of theatre, of the street or terrorism with an assured fluidity. The number of reference points quite overwhelming. Who is Abulkasem is the central question of this very clever text which really invests in and plays with the form.

The cast of four acutely play a range of characters clearly illustrating how hype, prejudice and perspective can alter reality. Is Abulkasem an apple picker, the hero of Arabian Nights, a gay uncle who loves to dance or something more sinister - is he a person, even? Or an idea, a context?

Directed by Lucy Kerbel, winner of the Young Angles Theatremaker Award, we're having to be vague because we enjoyed it so much; we heartily recommend Invasion! Go see! Go see!

Invasion! at Soho Theatre, until 28 March. For more information and tickets, go to the Soho Theatre website.

By Claire Cooke

Last Updated 24 March 2009