New Plans On The Way For Battersea Power Station

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 109 months ago
New Plans On The Way For Battersea Power Station

1003_battersea.jpg The blighted site's beleaguered owners promise that they'll file a new planning request by the summer. Since the "eco-dome" design was tossed onto the scrapheap, Treasury Holdings is now planning a scaled-down version with smaller towers. Heck, they may as well throw in a roller coaster with multiple loop-de-loops, a giant-size fully functional toaster to feed the five thousand Battersea-ites in the vicinity with crumblets from heaven, and a statue of a huge fist flipping the bird at the London skyline for all the likelihood that anything will ever come of this project. As our great and good make clear often enough, the city disdains progress, and nothing can possibly be done unless every 'i' is dotted and 't' crossed by the myriad reactionaries who don't want the view of their own private corner of London "spoiled". (Image / naughton321)

Last Updated 10 March 2009

Peter Gasston

"the city disdains progress" - are you crazy? Have you seen the rate of progress around SE1 right now? It's all new; we're even sacrificing the character of Borough for "progress"!


Eventually it will be turned into a mosque no doubt; along with Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's. The smokestacks would make lovely minarets.