Londonist Live: Camera Obscura

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Londonist Live: Camera Obscura

Photo by Amanda Farah.
Camera Obscura were all apologies Monday night at the Lexington. They apologised that they hadn't played in a while and were, in their words, 'not so slick.' They apologised that they hadn't played in London for a long time. Frontwoman Tracyanne Campbell apologised that she kept tuning her guitar. And they apologised for their set being very heavy in new songs.

Lots of apologies, but nothing to be sorry for. The show served as a preview for their forthcoming album, My Maudlin Career, as well as a warm up for their up-coming tour. There is always a bit of awkwardness in introducing new songs to fans, espcially when the record isn't available yet. But the album isn't a huge departure for the Glaswegian band; still sparkling alt-country indie pop of warm, rich melodies, delicate layered guitars and beautiful bittersweet vocals. Still music is still much happier than the lyrics would suggest. And the first single from the record, 'French Navy,' did get a very warm reception. The famliar will always win the crowd over, though, and the evening ended in rapturous applause when they ended their set with 'Razzle Dazzle Rose.'

For all of their self-deprication, it's rather special to see Camera Obscura play in such an intimate setting. They're coming back to London on 23 April, just after the album comes out. Maybe there will be fewer apologies for the new songs then.

Last Updated 19 March 2009