Londonist Has Legs

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Londonist Has Legs

Isn't it high? By Richard Parmiter via the Londonist Flickrpool
Remember we wanted to climb Tower 42? You probably thought we weren't that serious since our plea for a final team member was hedged all around with promises of champagne, minimal fundraising and taking it easy. But as the day approaches, Team Londonist have been transformed. Yep, they've taken training to another level. Not only have our 4 brave Londonist contributors and 1 game reader been running up and down the stairs in their homes, they're meeting for a beer fuelled summit tonight to carbo-load and prepare team strategy (just get to the top!) for Thursday afternoon.

Stunningly, they've also managed to raise a tantalising amount of money in aid of Shelter, which is what the whole Vertical Rush thing is in aid of. Our team may think they're doing it for thighs of steel, the nice view from the top or as a public form of self flagellation for misspent youth but, no, is all for this excellent charity whose housing and homelessness campaigns are horribly pertinent in these tough financial times.

This is our appeal to you, dear readers. Team Londonist never dreamt they'd raise more than the basic minimum - they were too concerned with being sick at the top - but a little Facebooking and emailing to friends and colleagues overwhelmed with the generosity of people. Emboldened now, please help us reach our target of £1500 to make Thursday's climb truly unforgettable (those thighs won't forget it in a hurry). Visit our Justgiving page - it's so easy - and don't forget to Gift Aid if you can. Then watch out for the before and after photos of our team on Friday. Thank you.

GOOD LUCK M@, Dave, Julie, James & Colleen!

Last Updated 17 March 2009