London Bridge Needs Your Talent By Tweet

By Lindsey Last edited 118 months ago
London Bridge Needs Your Talent By Tweet

London Bridge by Jason Webber via the Londonist Flickrpool.
This year Metro is 10 and Big Ben is 150 but Old London Bridge is an ancient 800 years old. It doesn't still exist, of course. But that's not going to stop The Lord Mayor’s Appeal milking this anniversary for all its worth. And how? By recreating old London Bridge on new London Bridge, closing it to traffic and allowing historically accurate (1209 to 1831) traders and performers perambulate the bridge making for an anachronistic group to befuddle tourists and local gawpers alike. Presumably there'll be cutpurses too to swell the coffers of the appeal.

To make the London Bridge Festival happen, it needs volunteer performers. All are welcome - from poets to jugglers to musicians to actors - but they must bring entertainment appropriate to the period that the old bridge stood. The motley crue of ye olde performers through the ages are to apply via that most contemporary of methods; the Tweet. Yes, just twit a link to your work to @LondonFestival and let technology do its thing.

The London Bridge Festival will take place on 11 July between 10-4pm. Thanks to Mike King for the tip off.

Last Updated 18 March 2009