Listen Up: thecocknbullkid

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Listen Up: thecocknbullkid

cock n bull kid

If you've been hanging about in the hipster places in East London for the last couple of years you probably know all about thecocknbullkid. We've heard her name many a time but never actually got round to listening to her. Now we have, we wonder what took us so long. A fusion of electronic beats and a funky deep vocal combined with attitude and a debut album produced by Metronomy promises great things. New single 'I'm Not Sorry' fizzles with hints of The Knife and 80's Madonna and will be launched at the ICA on Wednesday at a star studded gig.

Download I'm Not Sorry for free and if you like it, keep reading for a quick catch up with the lady herself.

Whereabouts in London are you based? What's good and bad about it?

I'm in Homerton. It's good because I'm across the road from Victoria Park but rubbish because of Silverlink

Why should we listen to you instead of every other new band?

I'm sure they all have their own merits, I don't care who you listen to as long as they mean it. And as long as Katy Perry doesn't take over the world, I'll be happy.

What's your favourite London venue?

The ICA is great. Hoxton Bar & Grill used to have great sound but I think the PA has naturally weathered now so it's not as good.

Can you think of anywhere unusual that would be cool for gigs?

Shoreditch House was originally going to host regular gigs on the rooftop for upcoming London bands but for some reason they decided not to and went down the boring route of booking signed bands who have celebrity friends. I think The Thames should open itself up for some gigs. Maybe on the moving barges. Precarious but fun!

Have you ever busked?

Not on the underground but I do remember busking in Leicester Square a few years ago. I made about £12. I may have been drunk but it was fun. You wouldn't catch me doing that again, mind, not because I'm too proud but because Leicester Square is so bloody grim?

What's your favourite record shop in London?

I have to admit I don't record shop that much. I have been seduced by the shiny and new fangled. I mostly buy off iTues as I'm a spontaneous buyer, which isn't a bad thing; or if I want the vinyl I'll go into Rough Trade and get it. Last time I went in I bought the Can anthology, oh and my single of course... I'm joking!

What's your favourite club night in London & why?

I am trying to stay away from club nights as there aren't that many good ones left. There's lots of people throwing parties but not doing it very well. Anti Social at Bar Music Hall used to be the party to go to every Saturday but there hasn't been anything close in my opinion. RIP Anti Social.

What other new London artists should we be checking out?

Sky Ferreira, The XX, Your Twenties, The New Sins.

Where can we catch you playing next?

I'm launching my new single 'I'm Not Sorry' at the ICA on 11 March. Your Twenties and Plugs are supporting with New Young Pony Club and Frankmusik DJing.

Last Updated 07 March 2009