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Extra, Extra

Image of the skies over Brockwell from Jack Goffe in the Londonist Flickr pool.

  • Jade Goody "would have made a great Mayor"
  • The six grand brand for G20 summit is "excessive" and "absurd"
  • Selfridges celebrates 100 years of being "a pleasure - a pastime - a recreation"
  • Third of Tower Hamlets youngsters "overweight", reckons BBC.
  • First seats installed in Olympic Stadium. No one had anything to stick in quote marks.
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    Jade Goody, Mayor of London?

    This has gotten to be beyond a bloody joke. Just compare this who-ha to the death of Wendy Richards, who at least managed to carve a solid acting career... yet only had a shred of what this bloated publicity hound is getting in terms of media coverage.

    And aside from her kids, questionable choice for a husband and the legacy of a ill-educated Big Brother contestant, just what is she supposed to have left to the world?

    Nothing, that's what.


    Is claimed the uptake of cervical smear tests among young women is on the increase. When I say 'is claimed' I mean a show about Jade, "Jade's Legacy" that I happened to sit through on Living the other night, claimed this. They even wheeled out a young mother whose life Jade might have 'saved' by her example of failing to have her cancer caught early enough. Sigh.


    It is said that we get the heroes we deserve. The British public have made Jade. Part of her legacy should be what it tells us about ourselves.


    I'd be surprised if she could even spell Mayor.