Cat God Appears In Willesden Library

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Cat God Appears In Willesden Library

Cat's Brentertainment

Brent Museum. We've barely heard of it, despite having lived in a neighbouring borough for nine years. When Diamond Geezer paid a visit to the small collection, housed in Willesden Library, he was the only person there. Not even a member of staff. Well, today they put out a press release via that much more recognised 'BM', the British Museum.

Brent Museum is to host an exciting exhibition focussing on one of the British Museum’s great treasures: the iconic Gayer-Anderson Cat...This will be the first time that the cat has been displayed at another museum venue...This display focuses on the ancient Egyptian practise of dedicating metal statues of gods in temples, in a bid to communicate with the divine realm, and seek favours in return. Centred around the iconic bronze Gayer-Anderson Cat, the exhibition reveals how objects can be read in different ways, using archaeological and historical sources, as well as the fruits of exciting new scientific research.

The exhibition is supported by a number of family events and lectures. There you go. Just the excuse you needed to make a trip to one of London's lesser-known museums.

Exhibition runs 12 March till 10 May in Brent Museum,

Last Updated 13 March 2009