Affordable Art Fair, 12 - 15 March

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Affordable Art Fair, 12 - 15 March

BannerImage01.jpg Financial crisis, recession, credit crunch etc etc etc. In the same week The Homebuyer Show was postponed, it seems all is very nearly lost and we're doomed to queue Soviet-style for generic, non-brand functional items in only two colour choices forever after .. but art survives! And is theoretically affordable! Affordable Art Fair opens tomorrow in Battersea Park and all items are under £3,000. Previous Londonist visits to the fair can testify that means many price tags of £2,999.99 but still, you know, it's technically under £3,000...

Affordable Art Fair encourages a broader audience than it first seems it could with that oxymoronic title. Get a ticket for £12 and head down to Battersea Park to escape the dreary 'mustn't spend, mustn't buy' mantra of the current time. Mingle with those who believe in spending their way out of the recession, those who want to invest in paintings, sculpture or prints rather than property and dodgy shares; be one of those people who just wants to browse offerings from 120 galleries in a sort of fantasy art collector roleplay. And there's a café & crèche so even the struggling buyer can say they got something at Affordable Art Fair, even if that was just a cup of coffee and a few hours without the kids.

Affordable Art Fair, Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 March, Battersea Park. For more information, go to the Affordable Art Fair website.

Last Updated 11 March 2009