2000 Square Feet of Free Fruit and Veg at Covent Garden, 1pm Today

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2000 Square Feet of Free Fruit and Veg at Covent Garden, 1pm Today

The world’s purportedly biggest invitation ever has been created this morning at Covent Garden. Comprised of 2,000 square feet of forty-three thousand seasonal fruits, flowers and vegetables (including more than eleven thousand parsnips and nine thousand cauliflowers), the edible invite serves as an announcement of the launch of The Big Lunch. An ambitious idea from the Eden Project (with help from MasterCard, EDF Energy and the Royal Mail Group), The Big Lunch aims “to bring together as many of the 61 million people in the UK to simultaneously eat lunch with their neighbours” on the 19th of July. Says Camden resident and Big Lunch volunteer Abi Andersen of the upcoming mega midday repast, “as a dedicated food-blogger who delights in food-related spectaculars, this is a dream event for me and I’m envisaging an enormous carnival picnic in the sunshine." Wishful weather reports aside, we reckon any initiative that tries to sit people down to have lunch (yay lunch!) together is a worthwhile endeavour. We do so love lunch.

So what’s to happen with all that fresh fruit and veg amassed at Covent Garden’s Piazza? It’s all going to be giving away to passers-by and local charites. Head over around 1pm to check out the scene and to take a free box of food home with you.

Find out more about The Big Lunch at thebiglunch.com.

Photography by Chris Osburn

Last Updated 30 March 2009