Your Evening Standard, Still Only 25 Roubles

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 185 months ago

Last Updated 27 February 2009

Your Evening Standard, Still Only 25 Roubles

Image by Mr November
Alexander Lebedev, who snapped up the Evening Standard a few weeks ago, may soon distribute the title in Moscow, according to an interview that the former KGB operative gave to the Guardian.

Lebedev sees the newspaper as a key part of his burgeoning media empire, and he's already began making the changes which he hopes will put things back on track. The Russian billionaire, currently the world's 358th richest person (doesn't sound so impressive when you put it that way), has also acquired two radio licenses, one of which he plans to use for an English-language station.

However, any hope for Standard hacks that their dwindling sales figures might be given a Muscovite massage will be ameliorated by Lebedev's revelation that he's pleased his new playthings will have free reign to "criticise government policy in Russia". With Ken Livingstone brought in from the cold, expect Vladimir Putin to be blamed for everything from teen crime to council tax rises to a delayed Central Line train.

Londonist paid a visit to the Standard Politburo headquarters recently, and got a sneak preview of the first Moscow edition.