The Saturday Strangeness

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Last Updated 21 February 2009

The Saturday Strangeness

ghost bus 96. The Ghost Bus

The belief that vehicles can appear as apparitions has long been confirmed by sightings across the capital, and the rest of the country of ghostly carriages. But to consider phantoms of modern day modes of transport seems absurd, and yet one such spectral vehicle is said to haunt Cambridge Gardens, Notting Hill Gate in the west of London.

The most recent report of what has become known as the 'ghost bus' was recorded from 1990. The vehicle is said to be a number seven double-decker, that has often been observed around 1:15am in May-time each year. Most sightings of the ghost bus have involved other motorists who have had to swerve to avoid the approaching double-decker.

The first sighting was said to have taken place in 1934 when a man driving along Cambridge Gardens swerved to avoid the bus. His car crashed, killing him instantly. However, witnesses at the time of the accident reported that the victim had attempted to avoid the ghostly bus, whilst a handful of other observers claimed the man swerved for no reason, and saw no bus approaching.

Those who have had the terrifying experience of seeing the bus whilst driving, report that no driver is at the helm and in the early hours of the morning the bus never has its lights on. The vehicle races along the road, heading straight for oncoming motorists, who, once they've avoided the bus, would turn round to look and see no bus rumbling further down the road.

Why such a vehicle haunts the area of Cambridge Gardens we will never know, but in the case of many ghostly vehicles, it seems as if they have the same motive of some phantom hitch-hikers in that they exist to either cause accidents, or to make motorists swerve to avoid them. Are such ghostly vehicles possessed? It seems that the phantom bus never stops, but then again who would want to step aboard this devilish double-decker?

Photo by araqnid on flickr