Tell-Us-A-Fib Friday II: Winter Weather Edition

By Julie PH Last edited 172 months ago
Tell-Us-A-Fib Friday II: Winter Weather Edition

Word_Festival_logo_small.jpg So. Our friends at the London Word Festival have gone and outdone themselves again, announcing yet another stellar lineup as the festival toddles into its Terrific Twos (terrible twos? bosh). And we feel it our job - nay, our duty - to direct your attention to this nearly 3-week-long paean to the wonders of words: Iain Sinclair climbing Hackney’s St Augustine Tower? check; Shakespeare in Shoreditch? check; BBC 3 and YouTube sensations Idiots of Ants? check. And while you can buy tickets, oh sure (and we encourage you to do so), you might also win a ticket if your wordsmithery’s up to snuff.

To recap: the Fib, a poem whose six lines follow syllabically from the first six numbers of the Fibonacci sequence (each number being the sum of the two preceding it): 1-1-2-3-5-8. Last go-round we asked you to take as your inspiration the theme of London landmarks. This go-round, you need only look out your window: As the subject of weather has rarely strayed far from our lips this week - and stray soaring snowballs, meanwhile, never far from our faces - we would propose as a theme the fun (or lack thereof - grumble, grumble) we’ve had in the London snow - though if you’re feeling inspired by another topic entirely, Londony or otherwise, don’t let us stymie your would-be Wordsworthian verses.

Leave us your test-runs in the comments below, then head over to the London Word Festival site to enter your polished little poem into the Golden Fib Competition - fame and fortune may or may not be yours, but a host of golden daffodils tickets to one of the most inspired arts festivals around surely can be.

Last Updated 06 February 2009