Tell-Us-A-Fib Friday

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Tell-Us-A-Fib Friday





to all things London,

Londonist is – could you have guessed?

Meet the fib - no, not the kind you told at uni when submitting yet another late essay - but the poetic kind: a 6-line verse reminiscent, in its constriction of form, of the well-known haiku. Introduced to us by our good friends over at the London Word Festival, the fib takes its syllables from the Fibonacci sequence – each line's syllables being the sum of the preceding two lines, or, for those of us who still cower under the duvet whenever the word "maths" is mentioned, a 1-1-2-3-5-8 sequence of syllables.

Intrigued? Have a go below in the comments. We'll suggest "London landmarks" as a theme for the first round but will leave you to play quite fast and loose with that definition – whether you want to write a paean to one of the iconic buildings for which our city is known or you feel like waxing poetic about your local 24-hour Tesco.

Then, once you're feeling warmed up, head over to the Word Festival site to enter its Golden Fib competition for a chance to be fêted as a fib finalist during the March festival. We'll pass along our favourites as well.

Last Updated 21 November 2008