Reviews Revisited: Luardo's Mexican Street Food

By tikichris Last edited 117 months ago
Reviews Revisited: Luardo's Mexican Street Food


Back in July 2007 (yes way back then) we happened upon upstart Mexican street food vendor, Luardo’s, at the then rather puny Whitecross Street Market. Our review was positive, if not glowing. Anyway, we’ve been back recently (had the beef in chipotle sauce burrito) and are happy to report that Luardo and crew seem to have upped their game and are slingin’ beans in a manner well worth shouting about. Thankfully they haven't upped their prices. All their hefty burritos are still around £5 (and less!).

We’re also stoked as hell to note that the variety of street vendors at Whitecross Street (on Thursdays and Fridays anyway) has grown considerably, with everything from homemade Italian dishes to Caribbean style curries, pastries, multiple Thai food vendors and more. Of course, there’s the Waitrose right there as well as a handful of classy (and decidedly not so classy) restos along this short street too. With so much competition, it’s impressive that Luardo’s has achieved the following we witnessed on our last visit. We saw folks up and down Whitecross with Luardo’s fat lil foil-wrapped burritos in hand and even overheard a couple of conversations about how yummy their fast and filling offerings are.

We recommend giving Luardo’s a go (best bet probably is to visit on a Thursday or Friday). Just look for the lime green van parked on Whitecross Street with the fast moving queue alongside it.

Last Updated 20 February 2009