Photo of the Day: Jumper

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Photo of the Day: Jumper


How long can you stare at wall of graffiti or even just a photo of it? This one is certainly captivating enough that yes, even after the third, fourth even fifth look you are still convincing your brain that there is no photo trickery involved. You'll even go back for a sixth look as a new world emerges from the a concrete wall, full of vibrant colour. In Southwark, if you wish to take a look for yourself.

Photo by Richard Parmiter via the Londonist Flickrpool.

Last Updated 17 February 2009


That is wonderful. Anyone know who the artist is?


Apparently the artist is Spok.


Wish we could get a good graffitist to sort out the back wall of our warehouse. It's crying out for adornment. Guess graffiti artists are like cats: they never choose people who like them!


I remember that: 'twas part of the Tate Modern's street art show. Spok's piece outside Vinopolis, which was even cooler, didn't last nearly as long.


SallyB - talk to Blank Expression ( or they might be able to fix you up!


Thanks star35 - what a great initiative!
I shall get on to them.