Photo of the Day: Charterhouse

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Photo of the Day: Charterhouse


The perspective of this building in this photo brings out the beauty of its lines and curves that is missed by most at street level. Situated near Charterhouse square in EC1, this building was named "Whitehaven Mansions" in which TV series? No cheating with google now!

Photo by Nick Peligno via the Londonist Flickrpool.

Last Updated 19 February 2009


Poirot, if dim and distant memories of my contractual obligations as a student to watch hours of Day Time TV are correct. Heh.


Yep, it's Poirot. Well done. A gold star for attentiveness during your student obligations! Hehe.


D'oh. I thought it was the attack on the Death Star from Star Wars. Red 5 standing by.