Pattersonists' Progress #3

Dave Haste
By Dave Haste Last edited 111 months ago
Pattersonists' Progress #3

Trinity Square Shortly after we last heard from them, our resolute neo-Pattersonists re-joined their original planned route at Limehouse and marched on through Wapping, steadfast in the face of blinding sunshine and swirling blizzards. As they approached Tower Bridge, it seems that the elements and growing fatigue were attempting to ruin their resolve, as indicated by their Twitter update, “One of our thighs is numb”. But our remaining explorers are made of stern stuff, and we’re pleased to report that just a few minutes ago they successfully reached their destination near Tower Hill, completing the Patterson Challenge in about 8 hours (by our reckoning). Congratulations to all involved! (Image / Dave)

Last Updated 01 February 2009


Gold stars all round.
Pictures - we look forward to pictures.
Hoorah for Londonist!


Nice work interpreting the chilly twitstream, Dave! We have much to report but in the meantime must thaw out, rest up and busily download photos. 15 miles, 8 hours, 4 seasons in one day probably - wow, we saw a lot of London! More soon.


'Twas a nice stroll. Worth it to prove to the Victorians that we still have what it takes, and to see Canary Wharf swallowed up into a blizzard. Also, great noodles. Thanks to everyone who came along for making it a memorable Sunday.


No DLR was involved in the making of this stroll either, despite being implied in earlier updates.

There were so many people outside during my walk back from the pub. The snow was deep enough to sound nice and crunchy at each step as well.

Pete G

Glad people enjoyed the noodles, i was a little worried about suggesting that!

Great day all round, and some cool photos are emerging on the flickr pool


I found a picture of Trinity Church on Albany Street. This site shows pages 287-300 of Old and New London, and the picture of the church is on page 294.