Multi-storey Cat Spotted On M25

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Multi-storey Cat Spotted On M25

The original lolcat.

Big cat sightings intrude into the pages of local newspapers with such regularity that we're beginning to suspect these stories are actually coded messages between members of a spy ring. A Puma, spotted at night in Bexleyheath, means the documents have been recovered, come quickly, while a cougar in Romford is an instruction to flee now. What message, then, are we to decrypt form the sighting of a giant panther between junctions 18 and 19 of the M25, as reported in the Watford Observer?

Karen Thompson was 'stunned' to see a large black cat prowling along the perimeter of a field between the junctions. Actually, large doesn't do it justice. Here's her description:

"It was about 50 feet away and was far, far bigger than any dog - about ten times bigger."

Which would make the beast about three storeys tall and as long as a bendy bus. Yikes. Anyone planning to recreate Iain Sinclair's London Orbital walks, make sure you take Digby with you.

This is only the latest and largest in a litany of exotic London felids. We've previously encountered the Beast of Sydenham, mapped the Beast of Bexley, and found a mystical correlation in its range. Or maybe we're part of that spy network too.

Last Updated 04 February 2009