Monument Almost Ready For Reopening

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 113 months ago
Monument Almost Ready For Reopening

1002_monument.JPG After an 18-month closure and £4.5 million worth of work, The Monument will re-open to the public on Monday, February 16th. The most visible sign of improvement is the new balustrade and cage on the viewing platform, which will greet visitors at the top of those 311 steps, while at the bottom a new oak entrance door has been fitted. The Portland stone has been cleaned and the golden orb re-gilded, but the Monument still remains (aside from the odd CCTV camera or telescope) mostly as it was when Christopher Wren wrought it in the 1670s. (Thanks to our anonymous tipster for the heads-up)

Last Updated 10 February 2009


A phone call disappoints: they are having to postpone the opening until mid-March now, and they haven't yet updated the website. Ah well.


It look beautiful when we Pattersoned past it the other week. Positively gleaming.