London To Become City Of Spires Once Again

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London To Become City Of Spires Once Again

Build me some friends.

The first tentative impressions of a planned set of towers for London Bridge have appeared in the Sunday Times. Beijing Bird's Nest architects Herzog and de Meuron propose a trio of glass spires, the tallest of which would out-reach One Canada Square.

The Spires development would form a residential complex a little to the East of the under-construction Shard (with which it shares the same property developer, Irvine Sellar). If the artist's impression is anything to go by, the set of towers will form a breathtaking backdrop to More London that harks back to the many-spired City of Christopher Wren while pushing London forward as a modern capital. It is undeniably bold, and arguably beautiful.

Planning application will be submitted in the next two months. If approved, the three towers will take seven years to build - long after (fingers crossed) the property market recovers from its current slump. We await the official renders with bated breath.

Last Updated 23 February 2009