London To Become City Of Spires Once Again

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London To Become City Of Spires Once Again

Build me some friends.

The first tentative impressions of a planned set of towers for London Bridge have appeared in the Sunday Times. Beijing Bird's Nest architects Herzog and de Meuron propose a trio of glass spires, the tallest of which would out-reach One Canada Square.

The Spires development would form a residential complex a little to the East of the under-construction Shard (with which it shares the same property developer, Irvine Sellar). If the artist's impression is anything to go by, the set of towers will form a breathtaking backdrop to More London that harks back to the many-spired City of Christopher Wren while pushing London forward as a modern capital. It is undeniably bold, and arguably beautiful.

Planning application will be submitted in the next two months. If approved, the three towers will take seven years to build - long after (fingers crossed) the property market recovers from its current slump. We await the official renders with bated breath.

Last Updated 23 February 2009


Oooh! I like!


I dunno, looks a tad too futuristic for my tastes.

Tom Williams

As an SE1 resident, I approve. Its going to be very exciting watching London's skyline change over the next few years and I'm encouraged to see that most of these big projects (Shard, Cheesegrater, Pinnacle ect.) are still going ahead, despite the more troubling economic climate.