London On The Cheap: The Thaw

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London On The Cheap: The Thaw

This week brought plenty of cheap thrills, from sledding down hills on a bin lid to taking down large prey with snowballs. The anarchy has settled, the snow has turned to something less pleasant, and we're back on the capitalist agenda now, but the coming week is full of new diversions. Most of these are even happening in heated buildings, so you'll save money on hot chocolates.

Friday: Psst. For those who are drawn to undisclosed locations and mysterious phone messages, email in right now for entry to the mysterious Tour De Bord Experiment, a one-off night of "programmed experience" and cheap wine somewhere out East. Warning: quite possibly Shoreditch.Saturday: New Cross's Amersham Arms is going to make jumble sales cool again (not that they ever stopped being cool in our books). The first Saturday of every month starting today, bargains and local crafts will join live bands, tea, and cake. A potent combination.Sunday: If the weather kept you away from Trafalgar Square last Sunday, you haven't entirely missed out on your annual fix of lion dances and red lanterns. The Museum in Docklands are doing a Chinese New Year redux with everything from the requisite variety show to oolong tea tasting.Monday: God Bless America, says the Guildhall School, celebrating a return to form with a free afternoon of the Union's finest composers in the music hall. Patriotic pomp from Bernstein, Adams, Ruggles, Ives et al.

Tuesday: Cargo is 8 and the birthday party is free. Present will be The Golden Silvers, 33Hz, and that eight foot Lego man that washed up on a beach last year.

Wednesday: The Dana Centre are indulging in a series on food — good news, as they're all about learning by experience. Tonight they're playing tastemaker with a workshop on flavour. Learn from sensory scientists and food scientists how to do things with your tongue you never thought possible.Thursday: The South East London Folklore Society's walking tour of blood-soaked tales made our Valentine's Day a little darker and a lot better last year. It's two days earlier this time, so don't miss it. Stroll through a London of headless queens, golden castration devices, and a little voodoo, from Hayes Galleria to a drink or three at the Old Kings Head.

Last Updated 05 February 2009