New Immigration Fears…

By SallyB2 Last edited 186 months ago
New Immigration Fears…

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With Londoners more worried about immigration issues than anything else (!), there will be widespread panic about this sinister new development. A bold, bright brick man has been washed up on Brighton Beach, and there are fears that he may be heading for the capital. A similar Lego-like lad turned up on a Dutch beach last year. The alien is not thought to be dangerous, but if you see him strolling past your office window you should perhaps report it and lay off the Strongbrew for a while.

What can it all mean? No Real Than You Are? It is in fact the work of Dutch artist Ego Leonard. And he does indeed have a forthcoming exhibition in London. We think. Our Dutch isn’t very good (it’s one of those languages that you think you can just about make out, and then suddenly they spitefully come up with a word like ‘beperkingen’), but the English version of his website is quite sweet and helpful. We’re intrigued, and will be watching out for him.

Last Updated 31 October 2008