Happy Cloud Over Tate Modern Tomorrow

By Hazel Last edited 117 months ago
Happy Cloud Over Tate Modern Tomorrow

It's grey and damp out there, the economy is still to bounce back and it's despite being the shortest month, it's still February. Artist Stuart Semple feels our gloom and will be unleashing his latest installation Happy Cloud over Tate Modern tomorrow morning. With the intention of lifting the spirits of all those trudging wearily over the Millennium Bridge into the City for another day in the office, Semple is putting 2,057 pink smiley faced clouds into the sky, using a new technology that ticks all the boxes for responsible large-scale art installations.

The clouds will be made of helium, soap and vegetable dye, released one every seven seconds and lingering for about 30 minutes to lift our moods. The literal happy cloud hanging over the otherwise rather down in the dumps City area is already putting a smile on our faces - catch it if you can. It's probably the only time this year you'll be wanting clouds in the sky.

Happy Cloud will start at 8am and end at 12pm on Southbank outside tomorrow morning only, best spot is on the Millennium Bridge. And - pray it doesn't literally rain on this parade because we don't think the Happy Cloud machines can be altered to do sad faces. 2,057 sad faces beaming through the rain clouds? Now that would be a total downer. If you're around and it's not raining, take pictures of the Happy Cloud and send them to us, we need all the happy faces we can get!

Last Updated 24 February 2009