Do You Need To Slow Down?

By Lindsey Last edited 121 months ago
Do You Need To Slow Down?

slow_down_logo_160x151.jpg Living Londonist life we're always working on what's coming next. The daily rolling news, perpetuating our regular series, dreaming up new schemes, getting to as many openings and previews and happenings as we can whilst still turning in at a reasonable hour to tell you guys about it the next day. Slow down? Not likely. The city doesn't stop so the posting won't either. But the Slow Down London campaign ask us to consider another approach. They say live "life in real time". Their theory is that your quality of life will be improved by slowing down. Their inaugural festival in April will celebrate and explore slow music and arts, get you to try meditation and yoga, sample slow food and crafts, discover 'slow travel' in your own city, debate ideas about time and pace, and to find ways to challenge the cult of speed and better appreciate the world around us.

Some of our best exploits come from taking a closer look at the city's less obvious and quirky elements, or looking at London from a different angle. We take time out to ponder nature and history, pubs and scoff of all sorts, sample opera and folklore, meet people in real life, get poetic and photogenic - do we really need a campaign to tell us to slow down?

What do you think? How fast do you live your life? Are you frazzled by Friday or is Monday your flake day? Do you rush from job to pub to do to dine to bed? Or are you one chilled out urbanite with a Zen like approach to all things? Let's get talking. In the meantime, watch out for a slew of slow themed things coming your way, just for fun. And look! Our Flickrpool is streamed to the Slow Down London site. Keep up the good work people - we might have an excellent opportunity for you photographers very soon.

Slow Down London starts on April 24th. Put it in your diary. We'll hopefully be doing a do. Slowly, of course. Check out their website for some very relaxing stuff and a feed of Londonist's calmest content.

Last Updated 16 February 2009