Demolition Threat To Goldfinger Estate

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 110 months ago
Demolition Threat To Goldfinger Estate

2702_trellick.jpg A housing estate at the foot of the Trellick Tower in west London could be demolished under "regeneration" plans by Kensington & Chelsea council. Residents and heritage groups have formed a campaign and organised a petition to ensure that the Cheltenham Estate, which lies at the foot of the tower, is left untouched. London has formed an unfortunate habit recently of destroying Ernő Goldfinger's legacy: an adjacent care home was bulldozed last year, while in 2007 a developer was fined after pulling down a Grade II listed cottage in Putney. Yet despite the best laid plans of philistines and property developers, there's still plenty more Gold for us to drool over. (Image / boet49)

Last Updated 27 February 2009


Pfft, what exactly would be the loss? Whilst it might give a horrible new building a chance to exist it isn't all that aesthetically pleasing.