Cemetery Chapels In Grave Peril

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Cemetery Chapels In Grave Peril

City of London Cemetery, Anglican Chapel. M@

The Victorian Society has launched a campaign to save London's dilapidated cemetery chapels. You know, those quirky little Gothic buildings skulking in the corners of grave yards. Many cemeteries are neglected and overgrown, and their attendant chapels are similarly threatened. According to the VS:

No-one knows the scale of the problem; no-one even knows exactly how many chapels there are. What is known is that up [sic] half of all the green space in some local authorities is taken up by cemeteries, and yet they are barely used, and the chapels which were designed to be attractive and accessible to the whole community are often defunct.

If you know of a local cemetery building in need, help the Victorian Society grapple with the chapel by filling in their online questionnaire.

Last Updated 25 February 2009