Canal Allotments?

Rachel Holdsworth
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Canal Allotments?

Allotment_19Feb09.jpg Continuing the push to get 2,012 food-growing plots of London land in time for the Olympics, British Waterways is offering up unused stretches of canal-and-riverside. We have 100 miles of waterways in the capital so that's a lot of potential for potatoes and peas. We're not sure who's actually going to work the land or eat this grub (nor how they'll stop voles getting it first), but we like the idea of hoeing by the river as pleasure craft float by. Yes, we like thinking about this idyll, and refuse to be reminded of all the back-breaking work in freezing weather. (Image / lindseymclarke)

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I live on a Narrowboat and have to move my boat every two weeks due to the lack of permanent moorings in London. British Waterways aren't willing to open up any of this 'miles of canals' for us to live aboard. That's my whinge out of the way.

I think the allotments canalside could be a good idea but most of the Central London canal towpaths are fairly dank and dire so I'd much rather have keen gardeners wandering down the paths at night rather than the hoodies I live with at the moment :)

I used to comment here under the name 'inkognitoh' but your comment system ate my login details.


It is really a very good idea.