2012 Olympic Vegetable Plots

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2012 Olympic Vegetable Plots

Have you got a flat roof? Have you green fingers? If not, you might be tempted to colour them in soon, as Boris wants to create 2012 new vegetable growing plots on London's rooftops to help feed the future influx of hungry Olympians in need of their 5 a day.

The project is to be coordinated by experts Sustain so practical advice will be on hand and if you've always liked the idea of growing your own and going a bit Good Life but never had the right tools at the right time then you could benefit - the Times reports that, "Owners will be offered incentives to convert their space into a fertile environment and be provided with necessities such as tools and compost."

We'd like to point out that providing us with our very own Diarmuid Gavin would help an awful lot too. Any kind of horticulturalist, actually, cos although we're fond of pottering around the garden, we're actually rather lazy and it's jolly cold out there.

Failing delivery of government sponsored gardening type, another source of help, inspiration and proof that starting from ignorant scratch on a flat roof or windowsill is a real possibility, any time of the year, are the urban gardening folks in Myfolia.com. They're already flying the flag for uptop verdancy and pushing the fertile frontiers of the urban jungle so you can get growing, right now, and have your sprouts ready for the Olympic feed.

Image of Nic from myfolia.com's roof terrace.

Last Updated 03 November 2008