Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists


  • Phillyist looked at J.C. Romero's controversial MLB suspension, bought a stranger a lap dance by accident, and started recruiting new writers, using a photo mash-up they're quite proud of.
  • Gothamist had an exciting week: That mysterious maple syrup smell returned (with no explanation at all!), found out there's a link between boozing and sex, and interviewed Janeane Garofalo.
  • LAist was all about getting out and soaking up the local color, like seeing the Kings put the Flyers on ice, meeting a top DJ and nightlife photographer, and heading down to LA's Grand Central Market to eat on the cheap.
  • Bostonist learned that women drink scotch, not just cosmos, and boldly asserted that no one should drink robotinis.
  • Torontoist spent some time investigating the supposed curse of Restaurant Makeover.
  • DCist was happy to see that President-elect Barack Obama visited venerable landmark eatery Ben's Chili Bowl with D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty—and that he knew enough to order a chili half-smoke, Washington's most famous snack food.
  • Londonist spotted what must surely be the longest cab rank ever, whilst thinking long and hard about the Atheist Bus.
  • Chicagoist impeached their governor and broke down his incredible press conference, while also dealing with the circus surrounding its potential new senator and a controversial play in which a white actress performs in blackface.
  • Seattlest found itself cut off to the south and east when I-5 and slide-prone mountain passes closed, some sicko was threatening local gay bars with ricin attacks.
  • Shanghaiist came across some great footage of 1947 Shanghai.
  • SFist saw the peaceful protest over a BART officer shooting and killing unarmed Oscar Grant turn into a vivid street riot. In addition to reporting on the community's outrage, SFist saw readers squee over a mash up map of Prop 8 donors, and questioned the Chronicle's future.
  • Last Updated 11 January 2009