The Biggest Basket Of Them All

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The Biggest Basket Of Them All

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While our sister sites revelled in their Stateside day of glory, welcoming Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America, we also had something to celebrate. We may not have much Obama glamour thronging our streets this week, but we're British, dammit, and we've got a massive, massive floral display instead. The world's biggest hanging basket has been unveiled in Paddington.

Nicknamed 'The Hanging Gardens of Paddington', the basket hangs outside Hotel Indigo, the first UK branch of the American boutique hotel. At 20ft by 10ft, it is slightly bigger than the average London bedroom and its quarter tonne plus weight sits 25ft off the ground, posing quite a devastating whack on the head should it become loose and fall. Though it shouldn't ever do so considering the fleet of designers, engineers and gardeners who put together the suspended garden and spent eight hours winching it into place.

The design and concept is based on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon; whether or not this gigantic floral appendage will transform Paddington into the eighth wonder of the world is yet to be seen - but see it! It's bloody huge!

Last Updated 20 January 2009